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Safety Glass

Broadly speaking there are two types of Safety Glass, Toughened and Laminated.


Laminated Glass


Laminated glass is achieved by bonding multiple layers of glass together, some of which can be toughened.

During the process of laminating we are able to introduce decorative layers, this may include coloured material, silk, mesh, grasses, veneer, we have even included leaves.


When laminated the glass takes on other properties, sound reduction, structural rigidity and ballistic resistance. If laminated glass is broken it will generally stay in situ.

Toughened Glass


Toughened glass, is produced by heating glass to a very high temperature and then rapid cooling is used to achieve the final strength.  If broken, toughened glass falls to the floor in small cubes, breaking comparatively safely.

Shattered Laminated Glass                                                                             

Shattered Toughened Glass                                                                             

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